Student Visa

Student Visa

English is one of the foremost languages in the world. English ranks second to Chinese with regards to the number of native speakers. However, the span of spoken English is far reaching and engulfs the globe. The speakers reside all over the globe rather than being restricted to a region or continent. Many people speak English as a second language as well.

levels of Spoken English

Basic Level:

The basic level English course is meant for those people who struggle with speaking English, thus making frustrating experience for both the listener and themselves. Such people fall under the category of basic level. They are able to understand or speak few words. They can read English but find it difficult when it comes to writing or speaking. This module will help you to learn new words, make effective communication and refine pronunciation. This module is perfect for you if you have a very little knowledge of English and wish to speak more naturally.

Intermediate Level :

This level of spoken English is meant for those people who can speak English well but not fluently. They are able to read and understand fairly well. The face difficulty in making sentences and often commits mistakes. This course involves usage of grammar, tenses, modals and verb forms. This course offers an easy understanding and development of the English language. This module offers a motivating variety of speaking tasks that enhances your speaking efficiently.